"The birth of a child is like the creation of a new world"

Your personal Poppet Roll is the perfect gift to welcome a new baby! It is as long and heavy as your baby was on its first day of life. The circumference corresponds to the head circumference.

A unique and lasting memory!

With our different designs there is something to suit every taste!

Choose your personal Poppet Roll from the following designs:

Important: Please enter the dimensions for your Poppet Roll (length, head circumference and weight) as well as the name of the child, date and time of birth at the end of the ordering process in the "Comments" field.

Poppet Roll - what is it? A Poppet Roll is your very personal memory of your baby.

"Oh, how time flies!" "The little ones grow up so fast!"

All too quickly, you forget how small the children were. Your Poppet Roll will always remind you what it was like to hold your baby in your arms. Its dimensions correspond exactly to the size of your baby when it was born. It is as long and heavy as your baby was on its first day of life.

The circumference reflects the size of your baby's head. It is made individually just for you and your baby!

Novel, patented design! Each Poppet Roll consists of an inner roll and an outer cover. The inner roll which is made of natural-colored ticking material is filled with soft cotton wool and fine quartz sand.

The outer cover is equipped with a zipper, making it removable and washable. Your baby’s measurements as well as its name, date and time of birth are printed on the sides. Thanks to our large selection of materials, which

we will continuously expand, there is a suitable design for every taste! Due to

the individual production, unusual birth measurements can also be realized (such as for premature babies, very large babies or star children ).

Lasting memory! Parents do not just value their Zwergenrolle as a personalized reminder. They also love it as a decorative element for the nursery or for storing the baby in the first few months. The warm, soft materials both babies and parents like to cuddle up to. In many children's beds, you can find them at the head and foot end or on the side as a limitation. In the monthly pictures so popular today, thedevelopment of the baby looks even more impressive in addition to the Zwergenrolle! Of course, the Zwergenrolle is not only perfect as a birth gift. Also for baptism,communion, confirmation, youth ordination or for your 18th birthday, it is a very special gift for young and old and will awaken touching memories.